Surprising Benefits of Corporate Signage as a Promotional Tool

29 December 2016
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Corporate signage is a necessity for most businesses, but there are benefits beyond making your company look good. While signs are not traditionally viewed as promotional tools, within the local sphere they can be hugely effective. There are numerous advantages to purchasing corporate signs for your business. Signs are a cost effective way to promote your business and what it stands for. They draw in an audience that is unavailable through modern techniques such as social media marketing. Read More 

Simple and Striking: Signage Tips for Your Small Business

15 August 2016
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Designing a sign for your small business can be deceptively complicated. You will probably be working with a graphic designer and a signmaker, and yet the decisions are yours. So how can you ensure that you make a sign that will be uncomplicated and striking, while being effective at drawing customers to your business? Simple and Straightforward Don't overcrowd a sign with extraneous information. This is particularly pertinent if you are forced to install a fairly small sign due to the physical constraints of where it will be placed. Read More 

How to Restore the Appearance of Your Cast Bronze Plaque

3 June 2016
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Cast bronze plaques are quite aesthetically appealing when they are new and shiny. However, since bronzes in an alloy of copper, it is susceptible to losing its lustre over time due to atmospheric conditions. As such, you will notice a greenish patina developing on the surface of your plaque. Although this green patina can make your plaque look rustic, some people prefer keeping their plaques shiny and in pristine condition. To do this, you would have to engage in a regular cleaning routine that eliminate the patina and restores the finishing. Read More 

Reasons to Opt For LED Signs for Your Business

19 February 2016
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Signage is an important aspect of any business. If you are opening up a business premises that will be open into the night, then it is best to consider illuminated signage. You could choose three main options with illuminated signage. These include fluorescent signs, neon signs and LED signs. Although LED signs are the most recent addition to the market, they are steadily gaining in popularity due to the numerous benefits that they offer. Read More