How to Restore the Appearance of Your Cast Bronze Plaque

3 June 2016
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Cast bronze plaques are quite aesthetically appealing when they are new and shiny. However, since bronzes in an alloy of copper, it is susceptible to losing its lustre over time due to atmospheric conditions. As such, you will notice a greenish patina developing on the surface of your plaque. Although this green patina can make your plaque look rustic, some people prefer keeping their plaques shiny and in pristine condition. To do this, you would have to engage in a regular cleaning routine that eliminate the patina and restores the finishing. The following steps will show you how to restore the appearance of your cast bronze plaque. 

Clean the plaque

The first step in restoring the lustre of your cast bronze plaque is cleaning the grime off. To do this, use dry cotton balls to wipe down the plaque. Take note to reach into crevices and grooves in the design so as to ensure there is no surface dirt lingering on its surface. It should be noted that when cleaning your bronze plaque, you should try not to let your skin come into contact with its surface. This is because the oil in your hands can contribute to the discolouration of the bronze. Instead, carry out the process of wiping down the plaque while wearing some rubber gloves to be on the safe side. Once you are done cleaning the bronze, take a soft cloth and wipe its base too as there will probably be dust accumulated there also. 

Eliminate the discolouration

Once the plaque is wiped down, you can now start tackling the greenish patina that has caused the discolouration on your plaque. To start, you would have to create a mixture using equal parts of salt and flour. You will then create a paste from this mixture by adding a few drops of vinegar until the mixture has a consistency of toothpaste. Proceed to rub the mixture directly onto the bronze using a soft cloth. Keep rubbing the mixture into the plaque until you start seeing its original lustre appearing. Once all the patina has been eliminated, wipe down the plaque with a clean, dry cloth. 

Shine your plaque

The last step in restoring your plaque's original lustre is shining it. To do this, apply a thin layer of wax on the bronze. Let the wax sit for a while until it is dry. Once the wax has dried, use a separate clean, dry cloth to buff it. Repeat the waxing process as needed until you achieve the shine you desire.