What to think about when designing a sign for your business

22 October 2015
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As a shop owner, you want your facility to attract as much attention as possible. Signs are great tools for this. Signs tell people what to expect from your business and convey a message about how you want the business to be perceived. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a sign for your shop. It's easy to make mistakes when trying to give off a certain look, causing potential customers to not understand or simply just miss the sign. Read More 

Mistakes That Professional Sign Writers Save You from Making

22 September 2015
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The current economic pressures may lead you to consider preparing your business' signage yourself instead of hiring professionals to do it for you. Before you take that step, read on and learn the mistakes that a professional sign writer would help you to avoid. Putting Up Boring Content The purpose of any signage is to attract attention and make the target audience perform the desired action. That is why it is very important for you to avoid boring content since it will not have the desired effect. Read More