What to think about when designing a sign for your business

22 October 2015
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As a shop owner, you want your facility to attract as much attention as possible. Signs are great tools for this. Signs tell people what to expect from your business and convey a message about how you want the business to be perceived. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a sign for your shop. It's easy to make mistakes when trying to give off a certain look, causing potential customers to not understand or simply just miss the sign.

Stand out from the background

You want customers to get an idea about your business just by looking at the sign. Of course, they can read the name and what your business offers, but the looks of the sign are also important. A common mistake is to make your sign too subtle. If you want your sign to convey a message of professionalism, it's easy to make the sign a bit dull and easily overlooked. You don't want your sign to blend in with the background. To prevent this, you can choose an unusual colour for your sign. If your sign is going to be put up on a brick wall, for example, a sign with an equally bland colour, like white or grey, can make it blend in with the background. You don't have to use neon colours to make a sign stand out; a vivid pastel might do the trick just as good. Adding some sort of texture to the sign can also make it stand out. Communicate your wishes to the sign writing company like Landells Signs and they will tell you if your requests are possible for them to perform.

Not all attention is good attention

Depending on what type of store you own, you might even want to use neon colours and strange textures to attract as much attention as possible. Just make sure the sign isn't confusing to look at. If there's a mix of many different colours with letters in a font that's hard to read, it will draw people's attention to it, but possibly not in a good way. You don't want to give your customers a headache just by looking at your sign.

Information and placement

Another common mistake to make is to put too much information on the sign. You want potential customers to know immediately what your sign means. They won't stop just to read everything that's on the sign. The name of your business and possibly an additional line stating what type of shop you run (if this isn't obvious in the name), is all you need. Placement is also important. If the sign is too high or too low, people won't notice it. Try to put it where people tend to look; about in the height of their eyes.