Three Simple Tips for Marketing Your Brand with Stickers

28 March 2019
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If you are interested in changing or advancing your marketing efforts, you should think about creating custom stickers for advertising. Stickers are perfect for improving brand exposure because they are versatile. In simple terms, marketing stickers are no longer only designed for application on bumpers. These products can be applied to phones, laptops, windows and equipment. Also, stickers are long-lasting and engaging. In addition, their cost is low. However, you should remember that the effect of these items will depend on your choices. Here are essential guidelines for creating ideal stickers for brand marketing.

Choose the Best Material

You should choose the most suitable material for producing your marketing stickers. The material used for this advertising process will determine the cost of the project and the durability of the stickers. Under normal circumstances, you should opt for vinyl stickers. This plastic is durable and resilient, and it can be used for producing creative opaque and clear signs.

You should also note that vinyl adheres to most surfaces smoothly without causing damage. Stickers can also be made using paper. This choice is ideal because of the low cost of paper. Moreover, no special equipment is needed for printing the stickers. However, it is important to remember that paper is vulnerable to damage. It can be torn or damaged in adverse conditions.

Consider Outdoor Use

When planning to use stickers in advertising, it is important to consider the possibility of outdoor use. In simple terms, if your custom branding products are likely to be placed in the outdoors for a prolonged period, you must ensure that they will not sustain damage. The primary causes of damage for stickers outside are moisture and sunlight. Therefore, you should think about creating waterproof stickers.

For instance, high-gloss vinyl and paper stickers can resist rain and other sources of moisture. These are perfect for stickers which will be placed on cars and windows. UV-resistant products are also essential if you would like to prevent premature sticker fading. If your stickers are designed for indoor use such as placing on phones, these specifications are not essential.

Design for Ideal Branding

Finally, you should create the best branding design for your stickers. The appearance of your products will determine whether people will be willing to keep and use them. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in exceptional graphic design to enhance the appearance of your logo and add appealing elements to your sticker. Additionally, ensure that your branding message is clear, witty and timeless for a long-lasting effect.