PVC Foam makes high quality display signs

14 September 2017
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In a world where efficient communication is a necessary component of our everyday lives, PVC foam has become a top choice for many people to use in spreading their messages. It has become the preferred option to other materials such as wood, concrete, and metal. The rise in popularity of PVC foam is due to its lightweight, versatile and cost-effective structure, which makes it desirable for the manufacturing of signs.

The uses of PVC extend beyond signboards. They are also used in windows, pipes and roofing. Knowing more about PVC foam, its uses and benefits can enable you to make better decisions when choosing the most convenient material to suit your needs.

The structure of PVC

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is the chemical composition of the material. PVC is combined with a material called ployurea to make the finished product- PVC foam. The material is solid, sturdy and lightweight, making it convenient for many different applications.

PVC foam is also highly resistant to moisture, and can be easily cut to many different shapes and sizes. This is part of the reason why sign-makers rush to use PVC foam as their material of choice.

Major Uses of PVC foam

  • Interior panels and building wall panels use PVC foam to provide a flexible surface for bulleting boards, office decorations and signboards.
  • PVC foam serves as a convenient surface for screen printing and advertising
  • Billboards and display panels
  • PVC is used as the material on the ceilings of cars, trains and buses
  • PVC is used to line refrigerator and kitchen cabinets

Use of PVC Foam in Signs

PVC foam is a top choice for making signboards across many different industries. The material adds a touch of professionalism, while not taking away any of the versatility in its design. From marketing signs and digital branding to displaying company logos and screen-printing, PVC foam can satisfy all your signage needs. But what, in particular, makes PVC signs stand out?


Perfect for events that are done in mobile locations such as trade shows, PVC signs are easy to transport and convenient to maintain.

2.Easier to display

You can easily stick the sign to a wall with adhesive tabs and make sure your message is communicated to your target audience.

3.A cost-effective solution

PVC foam is very affordable, making it cost effective to prepare multiple signs at once and display them in many different areas.